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Tanzania's Farmers Bank

A state-owned development finance institution (DFI) established as an apex national-level bank for agricultural development in Tanzania.

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We are committed to our core values

It is intended to finance purchase of assets for facilitating agriculture mechanization and value addition equipments


Adherence to good ethics


Utilization of new ideas


Working together


Qualities that characterize our work

Corporate achievements


3 Irrigation Projects Funded

283.1 Billions issued countrywide

822,143 Beneficiary reached

5 Value Chains supported
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Check out the list of our most frequently asked questions that address some of the issues regarding how we work.

1Does TADB offer loans for farm purchasing?

Currently, Tanzania's Agricultural Development Bank offers loans to groups already having land and engaging in agricultural activities. Thus, we advise people who are interested in economic development through agricultural activities work hard to find and own suitable areas for the relevant activities.

2What is the difference between TADB and other Commercial Banks?

Unlike other commercial banks, TADB is an apex policy financial development institution which has the responsibility to implement Government policies in facilitating availability of concessional loans to the agriculture sector development.

The Bank facilitate the transformation of agricultural sector in collaboration with the government to create good policy and enabling environment that will encourage banks and other financial institutions to invest in agriculture.

3Does a customer of TADB allowed to open savings account or its credit only?

Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank Tanzania is a Financial Development Institution (DFI) which is not mandated to undergo retail operation like deposit, withdraw and other like transaction. TADB customers receive service in their own commercial banks in which TADB cooperate with.

4How much does TADB offers to farmers groups, individual or Companies as minimum loan?

The Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank issues loan based on the actual requirements of the project based on the Application and Business Plan submitted by the respective client. Thus, the amount of the loan will depend on the detailed analysis of the loan applications and the ability to repay, hence no specified minimum loan maintained to farmers application.