TADB to sponsor the 2024 TCCS Livestock Show and Auction in Ubenazomozi

Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank (TADB) has sponsored an international livestock show and auction organised by the Tanzania Commercial Cattle Society (TCCS), scheduled to take place from June 14 to 16, 2024, at the Highland Estate grounds, Ubenazomozi in Chalinze District.

Acting Director of Planning, Research, and Corporate Affairs – TADB, Mr. Mkani Waziri, said that the livestock sector plays a crucial role in promoting the country’s economy therefore exhibition will offer an opportunity for stakeholders to convene and explore strategies for the sector’s development.

“The livestock sector is a key player in promoting the country’s economy. This Exhibition and Auction will provide an opportunity for livestock keepers to showcase and sell their animals to potential buyers. It will also be a great opportunity to meet stakeholders in the livestock sector, including livestock keepers, experts, traders, and government representatives,” said Mr. Mkani.

He continued that “the event provides a platform for sharing knowledge about the best livestock-rearing practices and for enhancing collaboration between livestock keepers and key stakeholders in the sector.”

TADB has played a significant role in empowering dairy farmers, promoting the poultry industry, and improving the beef cattle sector. This has been achieved through providing loans and capital injection for purchasing high-quality chicks and breeds, modern milk milking equipment and processing facilities, as well as modern livestock infrastructure. TADB has also been instrumental in establishing robust market promotion strategies.

On the part of the Chairman of the Tanzania Commercial Cattle Society (TCCS), Mr Naweed Mulla, thanked TADB for sponsoring the exhibition and stated that the event would bring together livestock keepers and stakeholders along the livestock value chain.

“We would like to express our gratitude to TADB for acknowledging the importance of and sponsoring this three-day exhibition. The exhibition is designed to bring together commercial livestock keepers, as well as sellers of meat and dairy cattle and other livestock, and also to connect farmers, distributors, and suppliers of agricultural and livestock inputs and equipment,” Mr. Naweed explained.

During the TCCS Livestock Exhibition and Auction, TADB will have a dedicated booth to serve stakeholders and showcase best practices in addressing and providing capital solutions in the livestock, agriculture, and fisheries value chains.