Minister Ulega congratulates TADB

Minister of Livestock and Fisheries Hon. Abdallah Ulega congratulates TADB for the work it does in the livestock sector

He has called on TADB to continue to cooperate with the Ministry in creating a strategic plan for the youth project in livestock

TADB through Tanzania Inclusive Processor-Producer Partnership project (TI3P):

  • It has provided training to Livestock keepers 33,126
  • It has formed 717 groups of milk producers
  • Facilitate 17 milk collection centers capable of receiving more than Liters 29,000 at the same time

Until December 2022 TADB has given TZS 17.7 Billion on dairy sector in the country.

Hon. Minister Ulega being presented with a gift by TADB staff in celebration of the Milk Drinking Week in Tabora Region

TADB staff in a group photo at the celebration of the Milk Drinking Week, in Tabora Region