TADB awards best SUA graduates

Following the strategic plan of the Agricultural Development Bank of Tanzania that was recently launched, TADB has participated in a special convocation of the Sokoine University of Agriculture to congratulate students and lecturers for various academic achievements achieved in 2023.

TADB participated and awarded ten best graduate students in the assembly where the guest of honor was Prof. Carolyne Nombo Secretary General, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

The award is part of TADB initiatives to continue the strategic collaboration between TADB and SUA. Also, it’s supporting government initiatives in reaching the ambitious #Agenda 10/30 where #youth have a pivotal role to enhance that.

TADB will continue to cooperate with SUA in improving the environment of young people, learning by doing and empowering them to increase creativity and solve various challenges in the agricultural sector.

At TADB we believe that investing in youth is important for sustainable development and a prosperous tomorrow💪🏾