Frequently Asked Questions

First review the job description of the job that you are interested in and confirm you meet the requirements for the position. Then click the ‘Apply Now’ button; fill in your details, upload your CV and cover letter. Upon completion, click the submit button.

Yes, as long as you meet the minimum qualifications and competencies required for the position.

Once your application has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email verifying that TADB has received your  application.

Our resourcing team will review your application and assess your qualifications as they pertain to the position. If we feel you are a good fit, you will be contacted for further screening/interviewing.

Based on the numerous applications we receive; we can only respond to those applicants who meet the criteria.

Yes, your resume will be stored in our database and will be available to our resourcing team database to be considered for alternative vacancies.

Yes you can by Sharing via in Linked in, Instagram, Facebook , Whats app , etc.

Your resume might have failed to upload for any of the following reasons: The resume file was too large or not formatted correctly. Try verifying the size and format, and upload your document again.

TADB complies with the Data privacy regulations. When you browse and/or apply for jobs on the Careers portion of our Web site, your application and any additional information you provide may be used to assess your skills and interests against career opportunities at TADB.

We use your information to communicate with you and inform you of career opportunities. Entities acting on behalf of TADB with which we share your information will be bound by terms of confidentiality and the data privacy regulations in place.

We are aware of some incidents whereby certain individuals, claiming to act on behalf of TADB, have contacted potential job seekers or candidates and made false offers or promises of employment with us.

These false offers or promises of employment have also involved requests to the potential job seekers or candidates for payment of money against ‘fees’ on account of placement fee, application fee, caution deposit, etc. Please note that TADB does not, under any circumstances, require money or payment from applicants during the recruitment process. Any such false job or employment related communications, whether requiring payment of money or not, that appear to originate from TADB Bank are unauthorized and fraudulent in nature.