State-owned development finance institution (DFI) established to catalyze the development of agriculture sector in Tanzania.


Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank Limited (TADB) was established under the Company Act, 2002 CAP 212 in September 2012. The establishment purpose of the Bank was to lead capacity-building strategies and programmes to strengthen the agriculture financing value chain and to support the Government of Tanzania initiatives to shape and implement policies and initiatives for agricultural and rural lending.

The Banks as a key stakeholder in the development and envisaged revolution of the agricultural sector, it is committed to delivering on undertakings made in the context of the national agriculture related strategies consistent with its Vision, Mission and Objectives. Further the bank was tasked with implementation of the Government’s Second-Generation Financial Sector Reforms, the national policies and strategies for the development of the agricultural sector, such as the following:-

Corporate Information

3 Irrigation Projects Funded

39.3 Billions issued countrywide

527,280 Beneficiary reached

5 Value Chains supported